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 Summer 2006

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Kaye Lites polishes NESN Red Sox opener spots

Our Jimmy Jib (above) reached over the Green Monster at Fenway; it extends from 6 to 40 feet.

New England Sports Network knew that host segments for the Red Sox season opener couldn't be just the same old stand up interview.  So they came to Kaye Lites to rent our jib and bring it to the seating area above the green monster in left field.  The resulting coverage was, according to NESN's Chris Fadale, "a big step beyond our previous work and a new standard for the network."

Kaye Lites' "Hands-on" approach; we allow you to take complete control of your shots by letting the DP/Camera person of your choice operate the jib themselves if they want to. (Jib must be set-up and struck by a Kaye Lites approved technician).

The Jib is also available with one of our highly trained operators for a very reasonable fee.

Kaye Lites' Jib Operator Charles Green (above) adjusts the camera used for NESN spots.