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Fall 2007

As you may know,  Massachusetts is booming with film productions right now. The Women, Pink Panther 2, The Bachelor 2 are all in production. There are some new electrical regulations regarding temporary power distribution that you should know about.  Recently we have had the opportunity to provide AC Power Distribution products (see below for more details) on the feature The Women.  We are dealers for many new electrical products including distro boxes and circuit protection from AC Power and Lex.


Because of all these local features we have been bringing in a huge amount of new gear. For example we now have ROAD RUNNER STANDS (from American Grip and the grips love 'em) for our 18K's. We have also expanded our sales stock which can provide you with additional savings and make sure we can supply features with all their needs. So we need to move out some used stuff too, (clearance list below).

Kaye Lites is truly a fully stocked Lighting & Grip Rental company. Come see!


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Now offering the complete line from AC Power Distribution

Boston is particularly awash with feature productions.  New regulations by city inspectional services regarding temporary distribution are creating new demands for more detailed circuit protection.  Kaye Lites rushed several new distribution boxes & circuit protection for the crew of "The Women" in order to comply with local inspectors. Basically every time you drop in cable size you now need circuited protection in-between.  As you know cable is rated for specific amperage under ideal circumstances.  Our inspectors are now making sure that cable is rated more closely to the actual conditions on set.  This required us to provide a series of 150A disconnects from AC Power.  The crew loved them because of their lightweight design durability and flush mount Camlok connectors.

Sand Bag Sale

We just got another shipment of all different sized sandbags and shotbags. We bought hundreds in order to bring the cost down for you. With reduced freight costs to us you can now buy them at better prices than ever before!  For a limited time. Stop by our store and pick up a few.

15, 25, 35lb sandbags at unheard of prices!

15LB Sand Bag - $26.99
25LB Sand Bag - $27.99
35LB Sand Bag - $30.99

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15LB Shot Bag - $33.99
25LB Shot Bag - $51.99

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Gel Roll Sale

Gell Rolls

We are stocking dealers of Lee filters

(most popular rolls now available in small core) check out our low prices!



Our Regular Price: Call

List Price: 149.00



Our Regular Price: $ Call

List Price: 7.25


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In closing please remember we are a completely stocked Lighting & Grip Rental company and the Kaye Lites Sales Department is a leading dealer for Arri, Advantage Grip, American Grip, Avenger, Barger-Baglite, Bogen, Chimera, Dedo, DeSisti, Eagle Dolly, K5600, Kinoflo, Lee Filters, Lex Cable, Litepanels, LTM, Mole Richardson, Matthews, Selecon USA, Tiffen, Trovato Jibs, and Ultra Light.

If there are other items you would like, please make up a list and send it over.  We're always adding new and used gear and if we knew what you needed we can get it for you at a good price.


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