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"Whats great about the ARRI SKYPANEL is the incredible output and the variety of colors from Daylight to Tungsten and every color under the rainbow."

 Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip


We are an authorized dealer for TROVATO Jib-arms, and Eagle Dolly Systems. Since we actively work on shoots, we are always on the look-out for the best new problem solving ideas, and improvements on the tried-and-true. We feel that these products are worth a special mention, we are feature the complete line for rental and now you can own one at special sale pricing. The product line of jibs currently is offered in three levels: QUATTRO, TOTE, and CAM .


Smooth, Rugged & Affordable

The TROVATO CAM JIB is the affordable jib arm that expands your creative possibilities. Adding dimension to your work by giving you broad horizontal, vertical and diagonal moves. There are flimsy jibs and "do- it- yourself" plans around, but  lets get serious, at this low price TRUE PRODUCTION VALUE is within everyone's reach!

The perfect jib for the owner operator on the go or in the studio

Handles film and video packages up to a recommended payload of 50 lbs

The cam 48 has all of the features of the cam 36 with a foot more reach (5 feet) and vertical travel (5 feet 8 inches)

The receiver head inverts for under-slung operation such as with the TROVATO BALANCED PAN HEAD

Uses standard barbell weights (not included) held between two large threaded knobs

Weights easily move as a unit "fore and aft" to precisely balance the payload.

Handles film and video packages up to a recommended payload of 50 lbs

(This unit is built and can handle much more weight, but the manufacturer rates the weight at 50lbs because he's not sure how much weight your tripod or pedestal can handle).

Pictured here on the TROVATO PEDESTAL mounted to a Eagle doorway dolly


Durable enough for Rental Companies

Ruggedly built.

Sets up quickly and easily.

Handles film and video packages up to 75 lbs.

Receiver head inverts for underslung operation.

Uses standard bar bell weights.

Pan and tilt brakes

The durable TOTE version for video,16mm and 35mm cameras. We recommend the TOTE  for DISCERNING CRAFTSPEOPLE who want BETTER QUALITY BEARINGS and TOP SHELF CONSTRUCTION and INTERCHANGEABLE FEATURES suitable for RENTAL COMPANIES, and if you already own a Quattro, or plan on getting one the tote uses some of the same accessories.

Handles film and video packages up to 75 lb. (This unit can handle much more weight but the manufacturer rates the weight at 75lbs because he's not sure how much weight your tripod or pedestal can handle)  Give us a call if you want more details. You may request a Mitchell receiver head instead of a standard receiver head for an additional cost. There are others for sale, but why pay for a jib that can't even handle a film package. 

"This is quality craftsmanship backed by Trovato Manufacturing.  Remember you get what you pay for, and here you get the BEST.  I have worked with them all (well, most of 'em), jibs like Losmandy "Porta" and Miller "Seven" and the like. Let me tell you this is the BEST in this price range.  I don't think anything can beat the TROVATO for quailty and ease of use." 

David Hallas

Key Grip



Incredibly Smooth and Responsive

Robust construction, the QUATTRO will handle the heaviest of 35 mm cameras

Exceptionally quick and easy to set up

The QUATTRO has been carefully designed to have a smooth and responsive feel. Pan and tilt bearings are easily adjusted to your preference

the QUATTRO model 60 has 84" of vertical travel and 6' of reach. Three other standard sizes are available.

the QUATTRO uses standard barbell weights (not included) held between cast iron knobs on a heavy duty weight bar

Weights easily move fore and aft (as a unit) to fine tune the balance of the jib

The QUATTRO'S receiver head inverts for underslung operation.

If you can't get here, see their features highlighted below or on our online store. Please contact us at or call us at (781)-932-0005 for questions and personal feedback about these awesome new fixtures.



Kino Flo has revolutionized its award-winning location lighting systems by creating the Diva-Lite 400 and Diva-Lite 200 series especially for the digital video capture market. The new Diva-Lite portable dimming softlights bring Kino Flo’s advanced professional lighting to the digital video generation. The Diva-Lite 400, for example, boasts Kino Flo’s trademark modular fixture designs with a full-range dimming system that operates on a proprietary universal power supply. The Diva-Lite 400 excels as a soft key and fill source for globetrotting DV shooters. The very compact Diva-Lite 200 answers the need for an even smaller, lightweight source especially well suited to ENG and documentary style field work.

We now carry the complete line of KinoFlo products.



Clearance Corner

Sometimes we are asked by our suppliers to sell DEMO items. Another service we offer, is re-selling USED Gear from our customers & local studios. We inspect and test items, most of the gear is in Like-New condition. Kaye Lites' Sales & Rental Departments also sell New, Used & Overstock gear. Our web-store and ebay are open 24/7, on off-hours we will be checking emails so feel free to contact us.



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