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"Whats great about the ARRI SKYPANEL is the incredible output and the variety of colors from Daylight to Tungsten and every color under the rainbow."

 Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip


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Mole 5k Par Type 6741


We recently used this new light on the setup for American Idol.  We recently had the chance to use this new light on a setup for American Idol.  The lighting designer originally speced for 10k fresnels with super crank stands going through diffusion frames, but we suggested replacing those with these much smaller and lighter 5k pars that Mole just introduced.  We got the same light output as the 10k's but saved time, manpower and money as they were much easier to rig.  The design called for 4x4 diffusion but a chimera can also work nicely for this fixture.


Lightweight fixture only 29lbs.

Easily raised on highboy stand by one person

Here's one recently being used on the set of American Idol in Boston


This fixture is based on the design characteristics of the popular Type 6641 2.5/4K DayLite Par, but using a conventional 5,000 watt incandescent source. Unlike traditional 5K luminaries, the Tungsten Par uses a specifically designed General Electric 5K Tungsten Halogen lamp intended for Axial Operation. By placing the lamp on its side and using a highly polished Parabolic reflector, the Tungsten Par is able to achieve output comparable to a standard 14 inch 10K Fresnel. When used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be adjusted for optimum beam control. In addition to the standard, on-board 5K switch and the 60 amp stage connector, the fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position. Equipped with a safety screen and compatible with all existing 13 inch accessories.



The new Dedolight has been dramatically redesigned, and we highly recommend them over the old Dedolight 100. Now three times brighter using 24v lamp and the new Aspherics2 optics. They now offer a choice of a on-board or a remote ballast, and both now feature built-in dimmers


The self-contained Dedolight DLHM4-300 works with an integrated 150W electronic transformer. An internal dimmer is provided. The light head may also be externally dimmed through most dimming systems designed for use with electronic power supplies. Available in four primary voltage ranges: 120V (DLHM4-300U), 230V (DLHM4-300E), 240V (DLHM4-300E+), 100V (DLHM4-300J).


* New Dedolight Aspherics2 optics
* Drastically improved light output
* 24V/150W integrated electronic power supply
* Dimmable

Technical Data: DLHM4-300
Weight: 2.2 lb. (1.02 kg)
Max wattage: 150W
Beam control: Continuously variable
Mounting: To any 5/8" (16mm) stud
Operating position: Any except upside do



The Dedolight head (DLH4) is equipped with an in-line electronic power supply (DT24-1) installed in the cable between the head and the AC outlet. The power supply may be switched to provide an output of 3400 K, 3200 K or continuously dimmable from maximum to off.

The power supply can be disconnected from the light head when battery operation is required. 24V lamps can be used up to 150W when used with the power supply. 12V lamps may be installed when used with a battery.


* New Dedolight Aspherics2 optics
* Drastically improved light output
* 24V/150W in-line electronic power supply
* Dimmable
* Available in four primary voltage ranges: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240VAC

Technical Data: DLHDIM4
Weight: (DLH4 & DT24-1) 2.7 lb. (1.22 kg)
Size: (DT24-1) 9 x 2.75 x 1.5" (22.8 X 7 x 3.8 cm)
Input voltage: 100-240VAC (to order)
Output voltage: 0V-24VAC/150W max.


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To all our valued customers. THANK YOU! for all sorts of jobs that you have provided to us! The customer appreciation program is such a HIT we are continuing it for 2006! While others are raising prices, we  instead, can offer better gear for less!6! While others are raising prices, we  instead, can offer better gear for less!  We would again like to show our appreciation by offering a volume based discount to all our loyal customers.  For every dollar spent this year on both purchases and rentals an additional discount will be applied to your subsequent 2006 itemized rental orders until year end, up to 27%.  Call 781-932-0005 for details.


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Sometimes we are asked by our suppliers to sell DEMO items. Another service we offer, is re-selling USED Gear from our customers & local studios. We inspect and test items, most of the gear is in Like-New condition. Kaye Lites' Sales & Rental Departments also sell New, Used & Overstock gear. Our web-store and ebay are open 24/7, on off-hours we will be checking emails so feel free to contact us.



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