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 Issue #7
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Considering Buying Instead of Renting?

When it comes to renting equipment the costs drive us to think..... "Should I own this or keep renting it time after time?" At Kaye Lites Inc. we specialize in BOTH rentals and Sales. We have the expertise and the answers that will save you money either way. Call us today and get personalized advice before your next shoot. We will survey your needs and discuss your best options including huge discounts. (See more about discounts below) Whether you rent or buy from us your prices will save you $$$ over any competition. Bring us your quotes and we will show you how we can improve on them.  We have tons of used grip and lights to sell, as well as consignment items, all at aggressive "cash and carry" prices. (See some of the new specialized items for both rental and sale featured below.) Please let your industry friends know.




Kaye Lites buys and sells QUALITY Lighting & Grip equipment! Kaye Lites is now  looking for large and small lots. Fax your current LIST OF ITEMS that you would like Kaye Lites to sell for you to. Fax us your list today! 781-932-0006