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"What appeals to me about the new ASTRA SOFT is no longer having to fumble around with a lightbank, I anticipate people (especially for really small crews) embracing the convenience of controlling the light from their Iphone or Android. "
Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip



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by Eagle Systems & Trovato


The Eagle II is the next generation of professional, yet affordable Eagle dolly systems and the newest design innovation from the precision engineering of Eagle Systems and Trovatocine.

The Eagle II camera dolly system was designed by veteran film and video producers to be more functional, expandable and versatile while maintaining high quality and affordability.

The new innovation and design move the Eagle II into a more refined phase of grip equipment while retaining the ease and flexibility of passing through standard doorways. The camera operator is free to capture moving shots that add a special dimension to the final product


Owning an Eagle II means versatility of grip equipment for transporting equipment cases, lighting gear, cables, sandbags and much more to your shooting location. The Eagle II is built for heavy jobs, with 3/4 inch axle and wheels. Yet, with tubular steel frame construction, the Eagle II is light enough for easy transportation.

The front steering mechanism has been upgraded for maximum performance and durability.

Eagle & Trovatocine Accessories 

The Eagle System of accessories includes side extensions to expand the platform to provide a larger working area; 16-wheel track system for smooth moving shots, 36 inch extension push handle to stay out of the way of camera shots, and a shelf to hold monitors and recorders.   The Eagle II Dolly also accepts the full line of Trovatocine Jib Arms 





Trovato Tote Jib

The Trovato Tote Jib Model 36 is the affordable jib arm that expands your creative possibilities. Add dimension to your work by getting broad horizontal, vertical & diagonal moves. This ruggedly built, easy to set up jib has a reach of 46 and a vertical travel of four feet. Receiver head inverts for under slung operation. Mounts on a tripod or dolly as its pedestal. Uses your tripod head at the end of jib. Standard package includes: Tote 36 Jib Arm, Standard Receiver Head, Weight bar, 2 Threaded Collars for Weight Bar, Short & Long Tie Downs, & Wrench. Standard Barbell weights (not included) are held between two large threaded knobs. Excellent for camera owner/operators, as well as for lighting & grip rental Co.'s. Handles film and video packages up to 75 lb. (This unit can handle much more weight but the manufacturer rates the weight at 75lbs because he's not sure how much weight your tripod or pedestal can handle) A Mitchell receiver head is available instead of a standard receiver head.



100/200 Watt Molequartz In-Betweenie Fresnel

The 100 and 200 watt Molequartz InBetweenie Solarspot Type #3101 with circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, resulting in cooler operation. Less heat on the fixture and lower seal temperature of the globes for longer life. Focusing knobs on the front and rear for focusing from spot-to-flood for a smoother even field. Curved yoke allows for a steeper lighting angel. The top clip is standard on all InBetweenies, allowing for barn doors, frames and scrims to be held more securely. For use in Motion Picture, Television and the Still Photographic Industries as a key-light, back-light or kicker.

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