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 Summer 2006

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The new Dedolight has been dramatically redesigned, and we highly recommend them over the old Dedolight 100. Now three times brighter using 24v lamp and the new Aspherics2 optics. They now offer a choice of a on-board or a remote ballast, and both now feature built-in dimmers.


The self-contained Dedolight DLHM4-300 works with an integrated 150W electronic transformer. An internal dimmer is provided. The light head may also be externally dimmed through most dimming systems designed for use with electronic power supplies. Available in four primary voltage ranges: 120V (DLHM4-300U), 230V (DLHM4-300E), 240V (DLHM4-300E+), 100V (DLHM4-300J).


* New Dedolight Aspherics2 optics
* Drastically improved light output
* 24V/150W integrated electronic power supply
* Dimmable

Technical Data: DLHM4-300
Weight: 2.2 lb. (1.02 kg)
Max wattage: 150W
Beam control: Continuously variable
Mounting: To any 5/8" (16mm) stud
Operating position: Any except upside down



The Dedolight head (DLH4) is equipped with an in-line electronic power supply (DT24-1) installed in the cable between the head and the AC outlet. The power supply may be switched to provide an output of 3400 K, 3200 K or continuously dimmable from maximum to off.

The power supply can be disconnected from the light head when battery operation is required. 24V lamps can be used up to 150W when used with the power supply. 12V lamps may be installed when used with a battery.


* New Dedolight Aspherics2 optics
* Drastically improved light output
* 24V/150W in-line electronic power supply
* Dimmable
* Available in four primary voltage ranges: 100V, 120V, 230V, 240VAC

Technical Data: DLHDIM4
Weight: (DLH4 & DT24-1) 2.7 lb. (1.22 kg)
Size: (DT24-1) 9 x 2.75 x 1.5" (22.8 X 7 x 3.8 cm)
Input voltage: 100-240VAC (to order)
Output voltage: 0V-24VAC/150W max.