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 Summer 2006

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For more than a decade Kaye Lites has been your partner in providing you the most production value possible. The Jimmy Jib Triangle with its remote capabilities and variety of lengths gives your work that added dimension that your clients are looking for. And most importantly at Kaye Lites, you can order the jib any way you want.

Kaye Lites is the first New England Lighting & Grip Rental and Service Company to put forward the Jimmy Jib Triangle in three convenient, variable cost plans.


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*Set-up and Operate yourself. *

*Have us send a Jib Assist to set it up for you. *

*We can send a qualified operator to take care of all your needs. *

Eye popping Hollywood-style crane shots without the Hollywood-style budget.
The Jimmy Jib Triangle sets up quickly and gives you control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and iris.
Add the Dutch Roll option, and you have the most versatile production tool available today.
Order only as much jib as you need. The Jimmy Jib Triangle can be set up to a reach of anywhere between 4' and 40'
Rigged with a lightweight teleprompter, the Triangle can make those stand-ups stand out!