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 Summer 2006

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HBO Productions' "Empire Falls"

Gaffer Chris Hayes of Haze Lighting Inc., from New York City, asked Kaye Lites Inc. to come up (way up) with him to the set of "Empire Falls" in Skowhegan Maine to assist in lighting.  The project was interviews with cast and crew for HBO's movie "Empire Falls."  We set up the lighting and background a day early so we were able to tweak the heck out of the lighting.   

We used a couple of Kino Flo Flathead 80's through 4x4 frames skinned with opal as the backlight.   A couple more Flathead 80's on rollers so we could move them in and out quickly.  The key was a custom made ring light.  The ring light was made out of plywood & foamcore and filled with 32  Kino Flo 2' and 4' tubes. That' s Stephen Kaye putting the finishing touches on the diffusion cover to create a smooth even field of light.