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 Summer 2006

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Lighting with Kino Flo


This is a job we are presently working on, in which we are utilizing Kino Flo technology to solve a particular lighting challenge.  The client wanted total control of the light coming in the windows (see above) 24 hours a day.  It would have been near impossible to hang lights outside, since we were in a hi-rise building and the job is to last several weeks.  The solution Kaye Lites came up with was to custom make light boxes from the inside to imitate the sunlight coming thru the windows.  We used sheets of Silver/White Beadboard to block out the real sunlight and  to serve as something to mount the True Match 55K Daylight Kino Flo tubes on. 

Powered by the new VE 4 Bank Ballasts and custom wiring harnesses we were able to achieve a controllable daylight source in a small space.  We then built frames and skinned them with diffusion to create even light dispersion and mullions.  It was important for the pattern to be similar to the real windows so when the window boxes are removed for some skyline shots continuity remains. The client tested different diffusions and mullion thickness' (picture below).  The client decided on the window third from the left.  We made the other 3 windows to match.