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 Summer 2006

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Presidential Campaign '04

CNN News, Manchester NH


Once again, Kaye Lites was hired to supply both lights and crew for CNN's Manchester NH Newsroom as well as the locations that served as backdrops for the coverage of the 2004 Presidential Primary.

The Newsroom was completely built from scratch.  We started with an empty mill and ended up with this finished set comprised of over 300 dimmable fixtures.

Ghephardt For President Rally

Well it's now the beginning of the 2004 political season and we've been doing quite a few of these rallies around the England area.


During the 2000 primary we were hired to supply a series of HMI's to light up the church.  This year we suggested the cost saving solution of the Arri Ruby 7's seen here, saving CNN thousands of dollars.  


This was the view from the 3rd and 4th floor shooting positions of the mill.