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LiteGear LED LiteRibbon Simple Kit
Part # LK-S
Mfg: LiteGear

Our new line of LiteRibbon(R) Kits has been personally designed by professional Hollywood set lighting technicians to accommodate almost every need and every budget. For LiteGear(TM) newcomers and veterans alike, each kit contains the essentials for installing and controlling your LiteRibbon(R). LiteRibbon(R) Basic and Simple Kits make perfect additions to any set lighting truck and are even great for anyone from DOPs to set decorators who need specialty lighting at their fingertips.

The Simple Kit builds on the Basic Kit and adds more gear into one convenient case, providing a little bit of everything to get the job done.

Kit Case:
(1) Kit Case, Black, Merchant - Large (CASE-FL-MERCHANT-L)

(R) Pro (for TUNGSTEN, DAYLITE, or HYBRID only)*:
(1) 120-X1, 0.625 m (24.6 in.) (LRP-120-X1-___-E)
(1) 120-X2, 0.325 m (12.8 in.) (LRP-120-X2-___-E)
(1) 120-X3, 0.125 m (4.9 in.) (LRP-120-X3-___-E)
(1) 120-X6, 0.066 m (2.6 in.) (LRP-120-X6-___-Q)
(1) 60-X1, 0.65 m (25.6 in.) (LRP-60-X1-___-E)
(1) 60-X2, 0.35 m (13.7 in.) (LRP-60-X2-___-E)
(1) 60-X3, 0.133 m (5.25 in.) (LRP-60-X3-___-E)
(1) 60-X6, 0.133 m (5.25 in.) (LRP-60-X6-___-Q)

Pro (for COMBO only)*:
(1) 120-X1 Tungsten, 0.625 m (24.6 in.) (LRP-120-X1-TUN-E)
(1) 120-X2 Tungsten, 0.325 m (12.8 in.) (LRP-120-X2-TUN-E)
(1) 120-X3 Tungsten, 0.125 m (4.9 in.) (LRP-120-X3-TUN-E)
(1) 120-X6 Tungsten, 0.066 m (2.6 in.) (LRP-120-X6-TUN-Q)
(1) 120-X1 Daylite, 0.625 m (24.6 in.) (LRP-120-X1-DAY-E)
(1) 120-X2 Daylite, 0.325 m (12.8 in.) (LRP-120-X2-DAY-E)
(1) 120-X3 Daylite, 0.125 m (4.9 in.) (LRP-120-X3-DAY-E)
(1) 120-X6 Daylite, 0.066 m (2.6 in.) (LRP-120-X6-DAY-Q)

(2) LiteDimmer(TM)

(2) Power Supply, 4 Amp (PS-12V-4A-F)
(1) DTAP Battery Adapter (CA-DTAP-BAR.F)
(1) 9-Volt Battery Adapter (CA-9VOLT-BAR.F)
(1) Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CA-CIG.M-BAR.F)
(1) Battery Enclosure, 8 AA (BA-8AA-ENC)

Additional Gear (for TUNGSTEN, DAYLITE, or COMBO only):
(4) Barrel Extension, 12 Feet (CA-BAR-EXT-12F)
(4) Barrel Extension, 6 Feet (CA-BAR-EXT-6F)
(4) Barrel TwoFer (CA-BAR.M-BAR.F.2)
(1) Barrel FourFer (CA-BAR.M-BAR.F.4)
(1) Barrel Cable Accessory Pack (CA-BAR-CABLE-PACK)

Additional Gear (for HYBRID only):
(2) Hybrid Extension, 12 Feet (CA-PH3-EXT-12F-FLAT-B)
(2) Hybrid Extension, 6 Feet (CA-PH3-EXT-6F-FLAT-B)
(1) Hybrid Extension, 3 Feet (CA-PH3-EXT-3F-FLAT-B)
(2) Hybrid ThreeFer (CA-PH3.F-PH3.M.3)
(2) Barrel Extension, 6 Feet (CA-BAR-EXT-6F)
(1) Barrel TwoFer (CA-BAR.M-BAR.F.2)
(1) Hybrid Cable Accessory Pack (CA-HY-CABLE-PACK)

*Available in Tungsten, Daylite, Hybrid, or Combo (selected by customer)
**Available in Single (LD-SINGLE) or Hybrid (LD-HYBRID)

Shipping Info:
Approximate Dimensions: 14x14x6
Approximate Weight: 8.00 lbs.

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